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Welcome to Psi Graphics. We are a small team of thinkers, makers and doers who provide gorgeous intuitive design. For all. We firmly believe that the size of your wallet doesn’t have to dictate the size of your impact. We work with solopreneurs, startups, freelancers and small businesses to give dreams wings.

By leveraging the power of social media, harnessing the growths in the gig economy and championing clean, user-centered design strategies, we are here to unleash beautiful, affordable ideas into the world that will improve your business.

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Eye candy that delivers.

Psi Graphics specializes in graphic and web design for entrepreneurs and small businesses. We believe that beautiful design does not have to break the bank; we work cleverly to trim costs while boosting quality. Our team uses the latest trends in web design, user experience and data analytics to ensure your site performs as beautifully as it looks.

Many of our most successful projects are designed completely from the ground up – pixel-perfect logo design, bold business collateral and engaging social media graphics.

Gorgeous, intuitive websites. For all devices.

Modern logos that testify.

Your logo is the face of your organization and guides the entire branding process. We take this task seriously and spend a great of time and talent perfecting logos for our customers. Whether you’re a brand new company or an established brand looking to revamp, Psi Graphics is here to help.

All of our logo and graphics packages include files and formats that can be used across the web and across devices, easily and efficiently.

Gorgeous, intuitive graphics. For all media.

Visualizations that breathe.

Your customers are generating tons of valuable data that you can use to more deeply understand your company’s performance. Everything from website clicks to search terms and social media shares can be quantified in meaningful ways. Are you using it?

Psi Graphics eats data for breakfast. Yum. We will help you collect meaningful data on your website and industry, and then work with you to analyze and visualize its hidden trends. We specialize in both infographics and interactive visualizations.

Gorgeous, intuitive infographics. For all stories.

Social media that connects.

Think social media is just for teenagers? Think again. Social media connects, moves, changes and inspires us, globally and instantaneously. Those companies who learn early how to tap into the power of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram will be best poised for success.

Our team at Psi Graphics will work with you to identity the platforms best suited for your message, target audience and goals. With love, a genuine spirit and consistency, we will help you build a social media following that elevates your brand and empowers your customers.

Gorgeous, intuitive campaigns. For all social platforms.

Our simple process.

You order one of our packages or ask us to create a custom package for you.

  • Order.
  • Connect.
  • Gather.
  • Send.
  • Create.
  • Launch!

Let’s get started.

Here are our three most popular packages. All of our services are designed with entrepreneurs and freelancers in mind. If you would like a custom package for your unique situation, don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.

    • The Designer

    • $200
    • Gorgeous Graphics
    • four file formats
    • print + web sizes
    • three revisions
    • fast turnaround
    • The Founder

    • $1500
    • Informational Website
    • logo design
    • branding guidelines
    • social media for two platforms
    • analytical infographics
    • The CEO

    • $4000
    • Large Website
    • logo design & branding
    • social media for four platforms
    • 90 days support + training
    • analytical visualizations

From the Founder.

Psi Graphics is here provide gorgeous, intuitive and affordable design to entrepreneurs, with a special focus on serving business owners of color. I noticed that far too many minority-owned companies had outdated logos, unengaging signage and non-existent websites. It pained me to see passionate owners and brilliant products plagued by poor design.

I began Psi Graphics in July 2014, shortly after completing graduate school. At first, it was a way for me and the team to keep our skills updated while we interviewed for jobs in our respective industries. By the time we delivered the first project, however, I knew we’d done something very special for that company, and that we could do it for others. As the company celebrates its third year, I couldn’t be prouder of the positive impact our work has had on dozens of small businesses. We are thrilled!

Gorgeous, intuitive design. For all.

We are very thankful to Psi Graphics for helping us to realize our dream. For years, it was just an idea. Now, we're profitable!

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